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Beautiful Highland Lot for Sale (Code: RL-1015)
Looc, Tablas Island, Romblon, Philippines

FOR SALE: Beautiful Highland Lot

A beautiful highland lot overlooking Looc Bay. Ideal for golf course and beach resort.

We can offer up to approx 500 hectares or around 1,250 acres of prime land for development here - on Looc Peninsula - with several km coast line on both sides - included stretches with sandy beaches.

We do hereby attach photos of the beach and color, turtles, the horses there and the peninsula itself - first seen from the outside - from west - then photos taken by driving around at the property - then photos taken from the other side of Looc Bay - seen from the east...

The south west portion of this property is only 15 minutes from the World Famous Boracay holiday and Resort Paradise; BORACAY - where land sells from US $ 500 to US $ 2,000 plus per sqm now.

Boracay is now in the start up phase of the largest development ever; Megaworld constructing thousands of units - and a new 5,000 rooms hotel complex too - all with great side effects for us at the still so pristine neighbor island of Tablas.

And at Caticlan, Panay island - also only 15 - 20 min from the land we now do offer for sale - is Alphaland developing a 500 hectares area too. Close to Caticlan airport - which is serving Boracay. They paid 5 times more per sqm and we are asking here.

All of this, and the fact that Tablas already has an airport - which Boracay does not have - and good roads compared with Boracay - and good hospitals compared with Boracay - and a huge university, and environment-friendly power plants, and zero pollution and nearly no traffic and a low population - makes it more and more attractive - we have more than 100 international clients here already - and the potential for retires are endless....

As told already does this several km long coast line for sale have bays and coves, beaches with white sand, black rocks in between, mangroves, coral reefs, fish sanctuaries, dolphins passing by every morning, turtles, eagles, wild horses, monkeys, parrots, civets etc - and it is perfect for;
A  great and unique housing development included a Country Club with a high end 36 hole golf courseand a Marina with Yacht Club and docking for guests too - Yachting is coming to The Philippines too now.

All of this for a price of below US $ 10 per sqm - everything included....
For this exceptional, amazingly beautiful, titled property.
The best location we have found - for a development - in the whole country - so far...

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  LOCATION: Looc, Tablas Island, Romblon, Philippines
Map of Romblon Province | About Romblon
  LOT AREA approx. 500 hectares or around 1,250 acres
Highland lot
  PRICE PHP 290/USD $7 per sq.m.


The Romblon islands is located close to the world famous Boracay island, but is still pristine and unspoiled - with perfect beach fronting land for a fragment of what they do charge at Boracay.

SEA AIR started with regular flights to Tablas, the largest island, earlier this year, and PAL Express and Cebu Pacific will follow soon. Beside this do we have daily ferry boats from Batangas port - near Manila.

Those islands has caves, waterfalls, hot springs, high land, low land and a lot to offer. Perfect, unspoiled dive sites and many fish sanctuaries for snorkeling too.

And the most welcoming, friendly and accommodating people in the world, will we say.


THIS PROPERTY: Code: RL-1015 (Beautiful Highland Lot for Sale - Romblon)


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