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  Real Estate Philippines: Beautiful Romblon properties for sale and for rent

Tablas (half hour by boat from Boracay or the same by airplain from Manila) is still an undiscovered and sleepy place, they have the same beautiful beaches as Boracay but without the crowds. This is where you go for a quiet, idyllic retirement spot, tranquility and privacy, caves, waterfalls, hot springs, a walk in the cool mountains, unspoiled scuba dive sites and many fish sanctuaries for snorkeling too.

Why choose Tablas Island? Click here.

About 95% of all the properties which are for sale at Tablas are now in our data-base and most are just a fraction of the price which you pay for a property on Boracay...

Why do so many people now start thinking about retiring on Tablas? Because it has an airport (Boracay does not) and of course they realize the Philippines investment opportunities that are abundant. Cost of real estate is increasing fast now; it's is a matter of 'getting in on the ground floor'. Koreans have already built new roads around the island.

Tablas now has a 120 hectare organic farm, owned- and managed by a group of entrepreneurs from different countries who (together with the local government) show that there is a better investment opportunity in the Philippines aside from the (over-promoted) condotel investments. Your return on investment will be higher also due to the 'added value crops' for export, like pili nuts and honey.

Near this Health Garden owned by 'foreigners', an Expat retirement Sunset community is being built near the beach; a logical step from the same developers to supply the occupants with their daily fresh vegetables, fruits, bee honey, the magical Soursop (prevents diseases) etc.

And for those who prefer a cool breeze (like in Tagaytay and Baguio) a mountain golf course project with villas will arise with a 360 degree panoramic overlooking view.

Tablas will also be the center of the private luxury yacht charter scene; how about investing in a yacht with even better ROI projections than condotels, plus (being ‘a floating 5-star hotel room’) the benefit of going places where nobody else goes...

"The world is changing; waiting for 'something to happen' is futile and if you don't throw yourself into high gear, life might pass you by..."

Why choose Tablas Island? Click here.

This is the resort at Tablas Island from where we tour investors, developers and other individuals who are interested in the homes and lots for sale (beachfront and mountain-view), Expat retirement villages, private islands, investment properties, farms, resorts etc.
- fit to any budget
- we arrange any permits, also the paperwork for setting up a business or corporation.

Welcome to!
Romblon Province in the Philippines is an ideal place to buy real estate for retirement, investment, or to build your dream house on for your family.

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Beachfront properties for sale, Residential houses for sale, Vacant lots for sale, and Agricultural or Farm lands for sale.


White Sand Beachfront Lot for Sale
This beachfront lot is located at the southern part of Tablas, only 25 minutes from Boracay and Panay by boat. White sand - fantastic colors.

Farmland for Sale
OUR VERY BEST INVESTMENT OFFER EVER!!! 50 hectares - $1.50 per square meter!

Boracay-Like Powder Sand Beachfront for Sale
With approximately 300 meters top quality beach front. Perfect for a resort development.
(Code: BF-7155)
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(Code: AG-3192)
more info
(Code: BF-7918)
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Fantastic, Cultivated Pilinut Farm Land with High ROI for Sale
We offer portions of our 33 hectares cultivated farmland for sale.

Cheapest Beachfront in the Province
This is a 5,000 square meter beach lot with approximately 100 meters ocean front. We also offer additional 4,000 square meters lot at the back.

Each orchard measures 10 has. and holds fruit-bearing trees.
(Code: AG-3922)
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(Code: BF-7210)
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(Code: AG-4091)
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Why should you chose The Paradise island of Tablas, among the 7,107 islands here? I have of course not visited all, but l have visited several hundreds during the past 35 years or so - and done a lot of research and some deeper due diligence etc. Tablas is the Heart of The Philippines - located right in the middle - surrounded by larger, protective islands. Tablas has airport, ports, good roads, power plants, new great hospitals (thanks to our good Governor friend; prof med dr. Firmalo), university, friendly and accommodating people, wild life, world class dive sites, amazing and still pristine nature, zero crime rate, zero pollution with less than 200 cars and so on..... And we are located only half an hour by boat from the world famous Boracay - even the prices for land here is only a few percent of what they do charge there.... - so we use to say that we do have the best out of "both worlds" - when ever we do feel for it...

In addition, Tablas is the only known place which also do offer a very good additional pension for people who do settle down here - and others - by investing in organic pilinut farming - which gives a very high ROI.



Romblons paradise islands is in the beginning of being discovered and developed now. You can still secure a fantastic, pristine, clean and private beach fronting land for less than 10 % of what you have to pay at the neighbor island; Boracay. On San Jose island, only 15 min boat trip from Boracay, do they now construct several new resorts. Construction of an airport of international standard will start in 2009. The next, and largest island in this group is Tablas, which has airport and ferry terminal already - unlike Boracay. Very good accessability - with other words. There are also ferry boats going to the other islands like Romblon island with the provincial capital and Sibyuan island.
Here are more than 20 resorts and approx 200 foreigners - so far.
A more perfect area for relaxation, retirement, holiday, snorkeling, diving, tracking, caving etc must you really search for. Nothing wrong about Boracay (we leave that to the scientists) - but compared with Boracay do we have perfect corals and many huge fish sanctuaries - due to our adopted zero waste and zero pollution policy.

A perfect ironvent for the full service Retirement Haven Village we will construct here with nice sea side marble homes. Also for Resort development, other kinds of tourism related businesses and a kind of laid back and "back to nature" environmental-friendly and healthy living.

more about Romblon...

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